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Version 2024.4.1 (IDE 152/Runtime 201)

Download Links: Windows - macOS - Ubuntu (Betas Only)

This release focuses on fixing lots of issues found in earlier GameMaker versions and increasing general performance and stability in various parts of the product.

The IDE has an emphasis on saving and loading fixes, plus hotkeys and UI/UX workflow issues. This release will be especially important for Windows IDE users who find they encounter saving/build issues because their project source code is managed by OneDrive.

There are also a number of important “submission” fixes/additions on the runtime side, including new privacy manifests required by Apple, a new build stage on Android, and several SDK versions being raised to match the current requirements on different platforms, so please do read all of these notes carefully!

It’s worth also saying to avoid any confusion: 2024.4 does not contain the new code editor. If you want to try that, you must install a Beta release and then enable the code editor in Preferences.

Changes In The Updated .202 Runtime

This is a small, optional update you can install from Preferences > Runtime Feeds (a notification popup on the Start Page will offer the same). By default, you will still get runtime 201, as this is the only change in 202.

Changes In The .1 Update

Original Release - Version 2024.4.0 (IDE 137/Runtime 168)

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